Free Comic Book Day May 7, 2011

Hi Thunderscorpion here, it’s that time of the year! Yep it’s free comic book day the one day out of the year that comic shops all over the country open their doors and give out comics free of charge.  There are several comics coming out this year that I will be keeping an eye out for like the “Mouse Guard/Dark Crystal” flip book, “Baltimore/Criminal Macabre”,  “Intrepid Escape Goat/Stuff of Legend” and others so check it out and maybe you’ll see me there, I’ll be the handsome  stud wearing a black cap carrying a big stack of comics : )  I’ll be reviewing the  best comics I get from free comic book day at a later date.

For info about comic shops participating this year and for a list of the comics you can find use the link:

Comics I'm interested in for free comic book day


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Cup Cake Horror



Hi Thunder Scorpion here, today I decided that since    Halloween is coming up I’d tell you all a scary story.  I like to tell this story to a younger audience because of its kid friendly ending.  Anyway, the story is about a road that is said to be haunted by a demon that eats your soul should you travel down the road at night. Well the story goes like this, one day some guy stayed out late at a party and when it was over the only way for him to get home on time was thru the haunted road so he used the road so he could get home sooner.  He had heard the story’s about the road before, but believed that they were just story’s; so when he went on down the road he did so confident that nothing would happen.   As he walked he started to check the bag that he had brought with him and he reached in and pulled out a box it had six cup cakes in it. When he looked closer he noticed that one cup cake was missing.  He could have sworn that he saw six cup cakes in the box when he left, but he convinced himself that he had just forgotten to put it in.   So he walked along unshaken until he again felt the urge to open box, but  to his shock and horror he saw that two more cup cakes were gone he knew there were two cup cakes in the box the last time he checked.  This incident confused and disturbed him he started to walk faster and faster until his walk turned into a run and his mind was racing when he slowly began to calm himself down reassuring himself that there was a logical explanation for what had happen and in this moment of thought he began to think about the box.  He felt like he had to check and see inside the box perhaps his eyes were playing tricks on him, he needed to know what was in the box.   He felt his very sanity was at stake so he opened the box and his eyes widened to revile that two more cup cakes were gone.  He thought to himself were the story’s really true, had a demon eaten the cup cakes and would it eat his soul next?  He panicked and started running and screaming all the way down the road until he was out of breath and covered in sweat.  He could see his house in the distance.   He gathered up all his courage and slowly opened the lid of the box for one last look and to his dread and horror he saw that all six cup cakes were gone.  He screamed out in terror over whelmed with fear he started crying madly, then suddenly he stopped and looked closer at the box and to his surprise all six cup cakes were stuck to the bottom of the boxes lid.

The moral of the story is to not jump to conclusions and  also I bet that  guy looked pretty stupid running and screaming down that road. “Have a happy Halloween everyone”!

Note: this story is based on a scene in the Manga GTO Volume 3 elements of the story have been changed to make it more translatable.












The walking dead comic quiz

Hi Thunderscorpion here recently I visited the AMC official “The Walking Dead” website and I noted that they had a quiz with questions about the comic, needless to say I gave it a try and got the questions 70% correct.  I have not read the books in a while so I was a bit rusty on my walking dead trivia anyways here’s the link to the quiz see if you can beat my 70% score,  if you can accomplish this challenge then you will be rewarded the coveted prize of my respect, good luck and have a good one!

This post is in response to a comment

The comment

Interesting article as for me I’d like to read a bit more concerning this theme.  The only thing it would also be great to see on this blog is some pics of some devices.

Kate Kripke:  In response to make your own trading cards post.

Thunder scorpion:

First off thank you for your comment as far as the theme go’s the theme of the cards I made was that of the famous Finnish Winter War or Talvisota the war first came to the world’s attention in 1939 when Finland faced an invasion by the Soviet Union and the red army of nearly one million men the invasion had followed failed peace talks in 1939 when Stalin demanded that Finland give up key Finnish territory facing a massive Soviet army and outnumbered 3 to 1
the Finnish defender’s fought a heroic David vs. Goliath struggle for four months during one of the harshest winter’s seen in the arctic circle in over a hundred  years the brave Finnish defenders used the 30’c to 40’c temperatures to their advantage as they stopped advancing columns of Soviet’s and destroy them using the many lakes and heavily forested terrain of their homeland to channel their attackers in to ambushes and managed to counter their enemy’s vastly superior numbers.  As a result the Finn’s earned a reputation as fearless and skilled soldiers, but the war ended in defeat for the Finn’s as promised Allied aide did not arrive in time to prevent the second Soviet offensive that finally forced Finland to sue for peace losing 11% of its prewar territory to the Soviets and displacing many of  Finland’s people from their homes the Winter War ended in 1940.  After the war because of heavy Soviet loses Stalin ordered that the red army go under review and have many reforms done.  This ultimately strengthened the Soviet army just in time before the German army invaded in 1941, it is possible that had not the Finnish Winter War  happened that the Soviet army would not have been strong enough to repel the German army which could have meant that the Germans would have had only one front of which to fight on.  It’s just speculation, but it is possible that world war II would have ended differently had it not been for the Winter War and as for your comment about some pic’s of some devices I’m not sure what you meant by that.  I only used the website in the link on the
how to make your own trading cards post and some photos I had to create the cards.

P.S  If you are interested in learning more about the Winter War then there are some great documentary’s you can watch for free on YouTube.


Get Traffic To Your Blog

Hi Thunderscorpion here and today I’d like to reach out to my fellow comic bloggers. If you have a comic blog or a blog that has something to do with comics then I would like to offer to put your blog on my blog links page and Blogroll if you are interested in having  a link to your blog on this blog then please leave a comment on this post with the name of your blogs URL I will check out your blog and see if it’s something that would be acceptable for my readers.  If I approve your blog  it will be added to the blog links page/Blogroll .  Also by posting a comment to have your blogs link added to this blog you are agreeing that I am not liable for anything you put on your blog.

San Gabriel Valley 3rd Annual Comic Book Festival

Hi Thunderscorpion here letting you know that the other day I got a flyer for a comic event this time the event’s the San Gabriel Valley 3rd annual comic book festival  I  forgot to mention it in my last post. It looks cool and it couldn’t be smaller than the last comic book show I went to that is I hope not.  Anyway I think I’ll go and give it a try. If I do get a chance to go then I’ll  try to take some photos.  I’ve been meaning to bring my camera to the last few comic book shows I’ve been to, but I keep forgetting to bring it. Should I get a chance to go.  As always I’ll be sure to review all the cool stuff I get.  Below is a link to the comic book festivals web site for more info and below that is the flyer.

Comic Book & Collectibles Show And Amimation Festival

Hi Thunderscorpion here. The other day I went to my local comic shop and was given a flyer. Turn’s out the Claremont packing house is having another comic book event and this time there will be an animation screening. Of what I do not know but I hope the event is bigger then last time. I did a post about the last Claremont packing house comic book show I went to and it was a somewhat disappointing show, there wasn’t much there. I’m hoping that’s  not the usual.  Their aren’t many comic events  in my area so think  I’ll give it another try.  I’m cautiously optimistic if  I get a chance to go then all be sure to make a new post about how it turned out.  Below is a photo of the flyer:

comic event sunday may 16th 2010

Hi Thunderscorpion here just letting you know that on may 16th 2010 at the Claremont packing house there will be a comic book & collectibles show.  I learned about this from a flyer I got at free comic book day.  It looks like fun I’ll most likely be going and if so then I’ll be sure to review all the cool stuff I get when I do.  Below is the flyer: