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Cup Cake Horror



Hi Thunder Scorpion here, today I decided that since    Halloween is coming up I’d tell you all a scary story.  I like to tell this story to a younger audience because of its kid friendly ending.  Anyway, the story is about a road that is said to be haunted by a demon that eats your soul should you travel down the road at night. Well the story goes like this, one day some guy stayed out late at a party and when it was over the only way for him to get home on time was thru the haunted road so he used the road so he could get home sooner.  He had heard the story’s about the road before, but believed that they were just story’s; so when he went on down the road he did so confident that nothing would happen.   As he walked he started to check the bag that he had brought with him and he reached in and pulled out a box it had six cup cakes in it. When he looked closer he noticed that one cup cake was missing.  He could have sworn that he saw six cup cakes in the box when he left, but he convinced himself that he had just forgotten to put it in.   So he walked along unshaken until he again felt the urge to open box, but  to his shock and horror he saw that two more cup cakes were gone he knew there were two cup cakes in the box the last time he checked.  This incident confused and disturbed him he started to walk faster and faster until his walk turned into a run and his mind was racing when he slowly began to calm himself down reassuring himself that there was a logical explanation for what had happen and in this moment of thought he began to think about the box.  He felt like he had to check and see inside the box perhaps his eyes were playing tricks on him, he needed to know what was in the box.   He felt his very sanity was at stake so he opened the box and his eyes widened to revile that two more cup cakes were gone.  He thought to himself were the story’s really true, had a demon eaten the cup cakes and would it eat his soul next?  He panicked and started running and screaming all the way down the road until he was out of breath and covered in sweat.  He could see his house in the distance.   He gathered up all his courage and slowly opened the lid of the box for one last look and to his dread and horror he saw that all six cup cakes were gone.  He screamed out in terror over whelmed with fear he started crying madly, then suddenly he stopped and looked closer at the box and to his surprise all six cup cakes were stuck to the bottom of the boxes lid.

The moral of the story is to not jump to conclusions and  also I bet that  guy looked pretty stupid running and screaming down that road. “Have a happy Halloween everyone”!

Note: this story is based on a scene in the Manga GTO Volume 3 elements of the story have been changed to make it more translatable.












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The comment

Interesting article as for me I’d like to read a bit more concerning this theme.  The only thing it would also be great to see on this blog is some pics of some devices.

Kate Kripke:  In response to make your own trading cards post.

Thunder scorpion:

First off thank you for your comment as far as the theme go’s the theme of the cards I made was that of the famous Finnish Winter War or Talvisota the war first came to the world’s attention in 1939 when Finland faced an invasion by the Soviet Union and the red army of nearly one million men the invasion had followed failed peace talks in 1939 when Stalin demanded that Finland give up key Finnish territory facing a massive Soviet army and outnumbered 3 to 1
the Finnish defender’s fought a heroic David vs. Goliath struggle for four months during one of the harshest winter’s seen in the arctic circle in over a hundred  years the brave Finnish defenders used the 30’c to 40’c temperatures to their advantage as they stopped advancing columns of Soviet’s and destroy them using the many lakes and heavily forested terrain of their homeland to channel their attackers in to ambushes and managed to counter their enemy’s vastly superior numbers.  As a result the Finn’s earned a reputation as fearless and skilled soldiers, but the war ended in defeat for the Finn’s as promised Allied aide did not arrive in time to prevent the second Soviet offensive that finally forced Finland to sue for peace losing 11% of its prewar territory to the Soviets and displacing many of  Finland’s people from their homes the Winter War ended in 1940.  After the war because of heavy Soviet loses Stalin ordered that the red army go under review and have many reforms done.  This ultimately strengthened the Soviet army just in time before the German army invaded in 1941, it is possible that had not the Finnish Winter War  happened that the Soviet army would not have been strong enough to repel the German army which could have meant that the Germans would have had only one front of which to fight on.  It’s just speculation, but it is possible that world war II would have ended differently had it not been for the Winter War and as for your comment about some pic’s of some devices I’m not sure what you meant by that.  I only used the website in the link on the
how to make your own trading cards post and some photos I had to create the cards.

P.S  If you are interested in learning more about the Winter War then there are some great documentary’s you can watch for free on YouTube.


Make Your Own Trading Cards

Hi Thunderscorpion here, a while ago I found out about a free web site that you can use to create your own trading cards. I’ve been playing around with it for a little now and I decided to show off  some of the cards I’ve created.  I originally had the idea of creating a WWII card game using some Finnish Winter War photos I was going to make up some rules and print the cards on to poster board, but I ended up scraping that idea because I couldn’t find enough photos, anyways I thought I’d show off the cards I made and leave you the link so that you can create your own trading cards.


Mouse Guard size comic bags

Hi Thunder Scorpion here and today Im going to talk about magazine size comic bags. I like to bag and board all my comics so when I started collecting comic issue’s like Mouse Guard and The Stuff of Legend I had a hard time finding comic bags that fit. The normal size comic bags won’t work not even if you turn the issue on its side so I started asking around and every comic shop I went to said they didn’t have any comic bags that would fit, so I looked online and found out that there’s magazine size comic bags. They’re mostly used to protect magazine’s but they work just as well on a Mouse Guard size comic.  The Mouse Guard comics are 8×8 so you will need to find a magazine size comic bag that’s around  8-3/4”x11” below is a link to where I got my magazine size comic bag’s:


magazine size comic sleeve and normal size comic sleeve


I keep my 8x8 size comic in my comic box side ways

Aliens art portfolio review

Hi Thunder Scorpion here and today I’m going to review  the Aliens art portfolio.  This art portfolio comes with 7 black and white Aliens art templates by Mark A. Nelson and a Aliens mini comic by Mark Verheiden & Mark A. Nelson.  Six of the art templates are from the first Aliens comics and all of the art templates look great.  I’m going to have mine framed and put them on my wall.  One of the art templates is based off of the mini comic that came with the Aliens art portfolio and the mini comic is the real reason I got this portfolio.  I love this mini comic it’s in black and white and it tell’s the story of how the Aliens start new hive’s.  It talk’s about how the queen chestbursters fight to the death to see who get’s to be the new queen and how the new queen leaves the hive with a small group of aliens in search of a new place to start a hive.  If your an Aliens fan then I really recomend you read this mini comic.  They have not explored much about the Aliens and how they start new hive’s and live in there environment in most Aliens comics.  I think I’ve learned more about the Aliens in this mini comic than in any other Aliens comic I have ever read.  I give the Aliens art portfolio a 9 out of 10 because the art was great, the mini comic was great, every thing was great.  You can read the mini comic in color in the Aliens Omnibus and you can get the Aliens art portfolio at the following link:

"aliens art portfolio envelope and mini comic"

aliens art portfolio envelope and mini comic

"aliens art template#1"

aliens art template#1

"aliens art template#2"

aliens art template#2

"aliens art template#3"

aliens art template#3

"aliens art template#4"

aliens art template#4

"aliens art template#5"

aliens art template#5

"aliens art template#6"

aliens art template#6

"aliens art template of the mini comic"

aliens art template of the mini comic