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Comic Review April 5, 2013


Hi Thunderscorpion here, I attended the Art Show and sold some Art I made for $55.00 and I used the money to buy some hard to find Berserk Volumes.  Photos of the Art are available upon request. I,ve been enjoying an App called Manga Storm on the iPad, it allows me to read all sorts of Manga for free,  it’s not perfect, but it’s a great way to read Manga on the go I’ve already sunk hours into it you can get it for free at the App store.

g;thcw #1

Godzilla: The Half Century War #1

The story begins in 1954 Tokyo Japan as a column of Sherman tanks rolls in and encounters a Giant Godzilla they open fire on it, in response Godzilla breaths radioactive energy down on them destroying all but one tank as the two surviving soldiers Lieutenant Ota Murakami and his friend Kentaro Yoshihara navigate through the ruin streets of Tokyo as Godzilla moves on towards the evacuating civilians. Ota and kentaro bravely fire at Godzilla in order to lure him away, but the battle ends with Godzilla retreating to the safety of Tokyo bay as the navy then bombards it. The issue ends with Oto and Kentaro joining the A.M.F Anti-megalosaurus Force as Godzilla still poses a dangerous threat. I am a huge fan of James Stokoe’s works and like with Orc Stain it would seem as though he has done it again with this amazing new Godzilla comic, The art is fantastic the story is great I can’t get enough of Stokoe! ( 9 out of 10 )


Baltimore: DR Leskovar’s Remedy #2

The story continues with Filip the village elder sharpening sticks in preparation for Lord Baltimore’s return as he orders Cecilia and her brother to go collect crabs, but the two children instead venture after Lord Baltimore. elsewhere Baltimore looks on as DR. Leskovar transforms into a monster and proceeds outside to tear apart the fiends that he has created. meanwhile Cecilija and her brother enter a church believing it to be out of evil’s grasp when they are suddenly captured by an unholly vampire priest in side, Leskovar finishes off the last of the unholy abomination before Baltimore kill’s the vampire priest and save’s the children, but suddenly they hear  screams coming from back at the camp so they race back to find that a horde of possessed crabs are raiding their village. Lord Baltimore and the beastly Leskovar springs into action battling the crab swarms and the issue ends with DR. Leskovar fighting to his death finishing off the last of the monster crabs trying to make up on his past sin’s as Lord Baltimore say’s his goodbyes and takes to the road continuing on his long dark journey ( 9 out of 10 ) I was waiting for the crab : P


Age of reptiles: The hunt #3

The issue begins with the red Carnivore resting atop a rock as storm clouds come in and the rain begins to poor, a green flying dino sores out a gap in the clouds and out of the rain when a group of black flying dinosaurs suddenly starts to attack, a fierce dog fight ensures as the green flyer dart into a cloud hoping to lose them but the black  flyers strike from above casing the green flyer to fall perilouly down word as the two species of flying dinosaurs watch from their nests, The flying dino’s are cool but I hope that the story focuses’ more on the red carnivore in the next issue. ( 8 out of 10 )

tlz #2

The Last Zombie: Never land #2

The story continues with the A.P.C convey traveling cross-country as the crew starts to have their suspicions about DR. Ian’s lack of a health test, but they suddenly find themselves driving through a corn field elsewhere a gang of children discovers their intrusion and prepares an ambush for them, later the kids surrounds the A.P.C’s armed with gun as they force the soldiers out and the leader of the youth demands that they surrender their weapons, but the Sarge refuses when suddenly a little girl runs out to be with DR. Ananti changing the mood of the situation positively. ( 7 out of 10 ) note: there is a preview of the return to the planet of the living dead comic at the back of the issue.

Battle Royale Vol 2 (2)

Battle Royale Vol 2

The volume starts off with student Kazuo Kiriyama murdering his whole gang seemingly on a whim after he uses a simple coin toss to decide where or not he will play along with the program and kill his classmates the way he kills his loyal follower Mitsuru was especially cold, meanwhile students Sakura and Kazuhiko sit on the lege of a cliff and recall a date they once went on before deciding to refuse taking part in the program by jumping to their deaths, back with Shuuya and Noriko they come under attack by  new student Tatsumichi in the struggle Shuuya and Tatsumichi go off a cliff and Tatsumichi is killed by his own weapon then class president Kyoichi arrives with the intent to kill as Shogo Kawada shows up to shoot him down becoming an unlikely ally for Shuuya and Noriko as they eagerly join forces together and try to make it out alive, later friends Yumiko and Yukiko come up with the idea of haling out on a megaphone in an attempt to reach out and reason with their fellow students not to play the game this plan totally back fires when Kazuo shows up and kills them in cold blood. I love the realism in this manga it’s not imposable for something like this to  really happen, it asks important ethical questions and reminds us that you never known who people really are until there under presser. ( 8 out of 10 )

You can find these comics at the following links:

Comic Previews:

godzilla the half century war #1

godzilla the half century war #1

Baltimore: DR Leskovar's Remedy #2

Baltimore: DR Leskovar’s Remedy #2

Age of Reptiles: The Hunt #3

Age of Reptiles: The Hunt #3

The Last Zombie: Neverland #2

The Last Zombie: Neverland #2

Battle Royale Vol 2

Battle Royale Vol 2

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