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Comic Reivew January 26, 2013

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Hi Thunderscorpion here the Art Show was a bust I was unable to go because of unforeseen circumstances, the next one is in March maybe I’ll be able to catch it then. On the bright side I recently got a package that contained Battle Royale on Blue Ray, It was awesome I even got my older sister to watch it and she liked it which is unusual, she doesn’t topically like what I’m in to. The manga is so much more violent as hard as that is to believe, Any ways enjoy the reviews.

tlz nl #1

The Last Zombie: Neverland #1

The issue begins at Neverland Ranch near Davis City Iowa, Not to be confused with the late Michel Jackson’s Neverland Ranch. where two children await the  return of someone as well and their parents Meanwhile, on the Missouri Iowa Border the APC’s crew are having mechanical troubles, so some of the soldiers decide to go out and stretch their leg’s, DR. Russo notes that DR. Ian’s condition has worsened when he starts to cough up blood. Later while the soldiers search for supplies, private Johnson and DR.Russo find themselve’s alone in a hardware store when they start to become intimate, but suddenly the floor caves in and they are sorrowed by a swarm of vicious rodents only nearly escaping being mauled to death. The issue concludes with tests on DR Ian being delayed as the group prepares to move out. Note: at the back of the issue there is a preview for the return to the planet of the living dead comic, but been there done that, I give this issue ( 8 out of 10 ).

rasl #15 ts

Rasl #15

The story continues in this final issue with Rasl and Uma talking in their car about Rasl’s plan to destroy Tesla’s Journals and Also we finally learn the meaning of Rasl’s name turns out it’s an acronym for ” Romance at The Speed of Light ” go figure, anyway’s Rasl and Uma are surprised when they see the creepy little Girl out their window, and Rasl go’s out after her, then a cop car drives by and Rasl orders Uma to turn her car’s lights off and drive away, but she turns her lights on to soon and crashes after being startled, and the cop car pulls up and Sal steps out and hold’s Uma at gun point, But Rasl walks up and throw’s sand in Sal’s eyes before grabbing Uma, Sal then uses his T-Suit to escape, but Rasl follows in his own as they appear on the ledge of a cliff, and fight as they both go over the side and land with Sal’s arm being  broken, but he pulls out his gun as the creepy Girl appears again and Sal use’s all his bullets on her with little affect, as Rasl scores a hit with a rock knocking Sal off the cliff casing him to fall to his death, After Rasl’s epic battle with Sal he walks the desert until he comes across his hidden stash and Maya arrives, as Rasl call’s her on her deception pretending to be Uma but she shoots him before reviling that she was the one that killed Miles and that she had always planned to take the journals for herself, But Rasl has A trick up his sleeve as he fire’s the array wiping her out before he escapes in his T- Suit, Later Rasl treating his wounds and takes a look at his digital copy of the Tesla Journals before riding out into the distance for the last time. Rasl was an interesting story that will long be missed I hope they continue the story again someday, many questions have been answered, but there is still plenty of room for more it was a fun ride well it lasted ( 9 out of 10 ).


Age of Reptiles: The Hunt #2

The issue begins with the Red Carnivore washing up into a lush green landscape populated with many Horvabores, after failing from a water fall he secedes in killing one of the Horvabores before trouble arrives in the form of his Horned tormentors, as they too fall in form the waterfall foreseeing the Red Carnivore to abandon his kill. later two flocks of flying Dinosaurs will fight over the Red Carnivore’s left over’s, and the issue ends with the pack of Horned dino’s hunting and killing what I can only assume is A Stegosaurs. I love Ricardo Delgado’s works and I think I’d be awesome if he did A Age of Reptiles comic featuring prehistoric Sea creatures, Just A thought if anyone is in contact with him maybe suggest it wink wink nudge nudge. I give this issue ( 8 out of 10 ).


Baltimore:Dr Leskovar’s Remedy #1

The story starts in Bjelogoram,Croatia on the Dalmatian coast as the towns folk of A small fishing village go’s about their day and A young woman named Cecilija catches fish when suddenly A plane sores above and crashes on the beach, the Villagers race to the crash site to find a burning creature with A partially consumed body in its mouth, As Lord Baltimore après shooting the abomination before collapsing unconcern, Later that night Lord Baltimore awakes and is welcomed by the villagers as they tell him of the horrors of Dr.Leskovar and how he is creating monster’s and abducting their youth in his research to cure Vampirism. The next morning Baltimore says Farwell to the young lady Cecilija and walks on towards his destination as he then enters the town where DR. Leskovar resides to find his monsters lurking in the shadows all around. Lord Baltimore reaches the DR.Leskovar’s house as A group of the DR’s creature with an immunity to sun light emerge to attack,  Baltimore slices them to sublimation before walking to DR. Leskovar’s Libratory where he find him, the DR. explains that the creatures have been forcing him to continue doing his horrible experiments, and that in A panic he had just before Baltimore entered drank the formula that is now turning him into A monster. The cover for this issue was miss leading I was expecting to see some kind of crab monster or something. ( 8 out of 10 )


Gantz Vol 2

The story continues with the Yakuza thug blowing up like A meat piñata before the onion alien tears the rest of them apart,  pacifist Kato tries to resign with the creature but he fails and is thrown away. Meanwhile, Kei and the Girl return to find the alien still enraged as they take off running and Kei accidentally finds himself alone having abandoned the Girl, the alien chase intensifies as Kei jumps clear over A steep set of stares discovering that the suit he is wearing has given him super human strength, as the alien grabs a hold of Kato and then cut’s his arm causing him to bleed dangerously.  Kei enraged by the mutilation of this friend fights the beast breaking its arm before beating it to a pulp, when suddenly Nishi aspires and captures the alien offering Kei the opportunity to shoot the creature before scanning it away to parts unknown, shortly after the game ends it’s not clear whether or not Kato will be pulling through and meeting them back in the room, but Kei and the Girl both make it as they discover that there is a score screen on Gantz. Nishi having been the only person to successfully capture an alien has gained three-points, Kato miraculously survives and it becomes clear that Nishi is not telling them all he known’s about their situation, they are upset that he with held information that could have saved lives but there is little they can do about it. the volume ends with them all leaving the now unlocked room and going back to their lives when the Girl which we  now known is named Kishi Moto  returns with Kei to her home to find that there is Another version of herself in her home living her life leaving her with the unsettling prospect that her existence could possibly only be a copy. ( 8 out of 10 ) so many questions can’t wait for volume 3.

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