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Comic Review January 4, 2013

Grave of the fireflies also recommend

Grave of the fireflies also recommend

bare foot gen

bare foot gen

Hi Thunderscorpion here happy new year I saw the Hobbit movie the other day it was great and I’ve got a side project coming up Jan,19 I made some art for an art exhibit, crossing my fingers if my art sell’s well then all be buying lot’s more comics I might post a few pic’s of my art if thing’s work out. also I’m waiting on a few orders I placed on christmas that still haven’t gone though when they arrive I plan on making a Christmas Haul Post, to show case the Comic’s I got this holiday season. I’ve watched an Anime called Bare Foot Gen sence my last post it’s the most horrific anime I’ve ever seen like a terrible nightmare it made my stomach turn it’s in my opinion more tragic than even Grave of the Fireflies a similar anime in theme, but the message that the story conveys is plain and clear, War is Hell I just wish that all those War mongerer’s out there could see this movie and under stand what it really means to nuke another country and it’s people, and not take it so lightly and to show a little humanity. Well, enough of my sermon onto the reviews.

tsol; ttc #1

The Stuff of Legend: The Toy Collector #1

The issue begins with Monty inscribing the history of the toys arrival and Max the bear’s rise to power on the walls of a cave as Anya the tiger appears letting her distaste for Max’s regime be known. whilst elsewhere, two of the Boogeyman’s reluctant minions are given their order’s as part of the Boogeyman’s dastardly plans. Meanwhile, the toys master and his companion the Boogeyman in disguise are joined by Fillmore the former mayor of the town of hopscotch. Elsewhere the group of  toys encounter one of the Boogeyman’s minion’s the Toy Collector at work gathering the fallen toys from the battle at the ruined zoo. Back in the jungle Max the bear is unhappy with his rule as the other animal tell stories and discusses their past king the Lion and his tragic demise. The issue ends with Max the bear, Monty and the dog heading out to find the boy as a usurping tiger follows behind them. ( 8 out of 10 ) always wonderful.


Age of Reptiles #4

The issue begins with the deinonychus pack staking a large ultrasaurs while in a desert wasteland littered with dino bones when the ultrasaurus suddenly collapses out of exhaustion and the deinonychus encounters an odd gang of mixed dino’s as seen on the cover of the issue and a fight is triggered between two of the deinonychus ending with quetzal as the new pack leader later the Deinonychus pack returns to their nest nestled a top a cliff and the action reaches its climax as the entire Tyrannosaur pack strikes on the nest and an epic battle takes place between the two carnivore packs ending with the cliff top nest collapsing kill all, but the Tyrannosaur Long Jaw, and the issue ends with Long Jaw returning to its nest to find it’s only surviving egg being eaten by a prehistoric primate looking more like a dear in the head lights. ( 9 out of 10 ) I liked this Age of Reptiles series best and I am looking forward to reading Age of Reptiles: The hunt next.  Also I’d like to see the mixed gang of Dinosaurs on the cover of this issue get their own spin-off. P.S the look on that critters face was priceless.


Baltimore: The Curse Bells #4

The issue begins with the inquisitor finishing up his torture of the young couple that was spying on him when he is surprised to find that the young woman has survived his torturing and so he brings her limp battered body back into town meanwhile Baltimore escapes from his cell leaving MR Hodge behind as he seem more concerned with his vengeance then the saving of the towns people from the curse bells. Elsewhere the inquisitor returns the tormented girl to her family as they receive her and submit with hatred for the twisted supposed servant of God. Back at the convent Lord Baltimore helps a cursed Nun to repent her sin and end her wicked existence as MR Hodge prepares for the worst in plugging his ears so that he might not hear the dreaded sound of the curse bells. The issue ends with lord Baltimore fighting his way to the bells before cutting their line just as Blavatsky starts to play leaving us with an unsettling cliffhanger as to whether or not Lord Baltimore has saved the day in time. ( 8 out of 10 )


Battle For The Planet of The Living Dead #1

The issue begins with a pretentious news reporter commenting on some reports of zombie activity with a less than believing audited as the story’s main character an overly optimistic man named Adams cheerfully make his way to work but suddenly a ship crash-lands and mobs of zombies come pouring out as Adam and his co-worker runs  for their lives and the security team arrives just in time to save them, but the security team’s fire line is quickly over run and Adam pulls a woman soldier out of the grasp of a zombie as they nearly escape atop a gigantic crane before burning the zombie horde with molten hot metal. The issue ends with more ships crash landing no doubt full of zombies leaving the door open for a possible continuation of the story. ( 7 out of 10 )


Fubar Vol 2

When I first reviewed Fubar Volume 1  I sort of just rated each short on a scale of one to ten only expanding further on my favorite parts which at the time I thought was understandable considering how may comic short there are in each volume but looking back now I think it was a copout so now with volume two I’m going to attempt to review each and every comic short this volume has to offer starting with.

Steady As She Goes

The first short comic collected in this volume is about the Enola Gay Bomber crew mission it made me think and had a good twist ( 7 out of 10 ).

Semper Fi

Had an interesting set up about a marine looking for supplies for his wounded friend, but the ending could have been better ( 7 out of 10 ).

The Jisei of Tsuyoshi Mukai

A story about a Japanese officer meting his end, the art was to cartoony for my taste and the ending was a little weak ( 5 out of 10 ).

Second Wind

Shows us what happens when a Kamikaze pilot is zombified ( 7 out of 10 )

Fat Boy And The Little Man

Features the marines using a couple of armored zombies to take out a Japanese held hill. ( 7 out of 10 )

No Guts, No Glory

The story of a Gashia’s murderous rampage at a Japanese brothel ( 5 out of 10 )

Banzai Washout

The story of a Japanese Major and his creative method of ritual suicide ( 7 out of 10 )

Run Silent, Run Dead

A Story about American Submariners that unwittingly take aboard a zombie ( 7 out of 10 )

Sorgie’s Choice

Starts out with a sick infected soldier coming aboard a ship before it sinks, when a surviving soldier is given the choice between killer sharks or a raft with zombies. I personally would have chosen the later ( 7 out of 10 )

Five By Five

The story of five fighter pilots that return to the U.S.S Enterprise only to find it infested with zombies as they crash there foul depleted plans to take out some zombies, this was sort of poetic ( 7 out of 10 )

Unit 731

This story tell of the horrific experiments tested by the zealots Japanese scientist and their consequential failure. ( 5 out of 10 )

The Last The Dead And The Damned

Feature a Japanese and American soldiers separately fighting to the death, I describe this comic as pointless not in a tragically pointless kind of way but in a child could have done a more compelling story way ( 4 out of 10 )

Catch of the day

Is About a Father and son from A poor Filipino Village and the problems that they face because of the war and the zombie Apocalypse. ( 6 out of 10 )

Last Dance with Mary-Jane

A zombie love story about a marine on a rescue mission to save his dream girl that he meet at a U.S.O dance ( 7 out of 10 )

SI Cheng

A cartoony tail about A platoon of soldiers and the overly committed officer that leads them into a village infested with zombies ( 5 out of 10 )

Radio Base Z

This story starts with the discovery of an unidentified air craft flying over Alaska when American fighter Planes shoot them down and a soldier is dropped in to check out the wreckage we later learn that the soldier sent in is A native American after he comes face to face with a zombified polar bear. this comic was my favorite of the volume the set up was epic and the art fantastic the comic has a to be continued ending I would like to see this made into a standalone comic ( 9 out of 10 )


The tail of A Treo of soldiers and their struggle to blow up a Japanese bunker ( 6 out of 10 )


Features a vengeful Spirit/Zombie on A rampage to take  vengeance on the people responsible for the atomic bomb attacks on Hiroshima And Nagasaki ( 4 out of 10 )

Hell in The Pacific

Is about two mutilated zombies that fight to death for years. the art is very ugly not to my liking and the story was uninspired ( 3 out of 10 ).

Wild Blue

Is about a cool black pilot that takes off with his plane on a carrier deck full of zombies ( 7 out of 10 ).

Stay of Execution

Is about a curl Japanese Executioner and how he gets his come upend. ( 6 out of 10 ).

Life Preservers

The story of a soldier stranded in a boat out on the open sea with a top-secret zombie in a box, this was gross and anti climatic. ( 4 out of 10 ).

The Orphans

A group of marines on a mission to recover the dead.( 5 out of 10 ).


The tail of a soldiers and a native that struggle to survive in a jungle full of zombies, there’s no dialog in this short but it was good ( 7 out of 10 ).


Tells of the fear that the zombies create for the Japanese people. ( 5 out of 10 ).

Cold Country

Is about a soldier returning home that tries to adjust to life after facing the horrors of zombie combat. ( 4 out of 10).

Operation Z

The last comic short feature the Japanese using zombies pilots for a surprise attack on pearl harbor.( 7 out of 10 ).

I’d like to acknowledge the fact that many of the comic shorts reviewed above were created by amateur writers and artists and I wish to encourage them to continue working towards making great comics everybody has to start somewhere and I wish them the best of luck, but one thing I’d like to suggest for people interested in writing zombie comics is this just because it’s a zombie comic doesn’t mean the story can’t have a happy ending just a word for thought. the comic’s I liked best in this where Run Silent, Run Dead/Banzai Washout and Radio Base Z .  I give the Volume as a whole ( 7 out of 10 ) fun Fact F.U.B.A.R is an acronym from world war two that stands for Fu#%ed up Beyond all Recognition.

You can find these comics at the following links:

Comic Previews:

The Stuff of Legend: The Toy Collector #1

The Stuff of Legend: The Toy Collector #1

Age of Reptiles #4

Age of Reptiles #4

Baltimore:the curse bells #4

Baltimore:the curse bells #4

Battle for the planet of the living dead #1

Battle for the planet of the living dead #1

Fubar Vol 2

Fubar Vol 2



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